My school is St. Joseph de l'Apparition

My school is My Second Home

School History

(Educational institution with a great history)

Our school is named after the name of Saint Joseph, Virgin Mary’s fiancé, to whom the angel appeared and asked him to take Virgin Mary and her son to Egypt, the land of security and safety, the land of love and peace,to protect them from King Herod…. “Blessed be Egypt my people.”

                 The school was managed by French nuns sisters (Saint Joseph apparition nunnery and they managed it for many years to qualify the Egyptian ladies perfectly. In 1960, ”mother Mary de la Croix” became the general manager of the ( Egyptian sisters of the sacred heart) to continue the educational process .

After that Mother Mary Georgette Habashy managed the school for many years.

At that time the school was developed from the primary Stage to the preparatory and secondary Stage.

And 1972 was the graduation year of the first batch and they were the top of the general secondary certificate .They occupied highly prestigious positions in the society. Afterwards, the school was managed by many sisters such as Mary Aida Boutros, Mary Angel Farag , Mary Attyat Klada,  Mary Luc Atta , Mary Liza Zaki  and Mary Mariam  Todary who did their best to continue the educational process and to preserve the Egyptian spirit in the education and this is the main goal of the nunnery.

        Moreover, we are keen on the development of the education by teaching “the advanced level” for the English and French language in all the educational.

Stages using the modern technology. And from our eagerness to fulfill the needs of our society, our school added the English section beside French section in 2007 under the management of the present sister” Mary Soad Abd El Malak”.

Finally, we can’t express our school in a word, but we thank God for the love and care.